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The danger relating to the fitness of a person is health hazard. It has increased to certain times in the present conditions. In case of safety hazards it can be indicated as flammable, toxic etc. T hey can be easily determined by tests and researches. But to define health hazard it is a more subjective matter than compared to any precise definition.

Health hazards may cause a severe effect on your health. It may cause breathing problem, uneasiness feeling etc. The hazards are usually indicated by the signs and symptoms that bring changes in the body. The dangers caused at work place or due to common exposure are difficult to determine. Normally people shows that signs or symptoms because of rising pollution.

For instance exposure to vinyl chloride causes angiosarcomas which has common affect on normal population, but moreover the effects is same, lung cancer. It makes it difficult to determine the affect was due to occupational surroundings or because of ordinary pollution. There have been many attempts made to determine the various causes and their effects on health.

The researchers have found two terms Acute and Chronic to define between the effects based on the severity and duration. Acute effects occur due to short term exposure and are of shorter duration. It is generally a rapid action that causes immediate effect on body. Chronic effects are generally due to long term exposure and are for longer duration.

The acute effects termed above are most commonly defined as by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard for Precautionary Labeling of Hazardous Industrial Chemicals (Z129.1-1988) corrosivity, irritation, sensitization and lethal dose. Even though they are important reasons of health affect they do not properly cover a significant range of acute effects which occur due to occupational disclosure for instance narcosis.

Same way the chronic effects are general term used to cover only teratogenicity, carcinogenicity, and mutagenicity. Although they are caused at the occupational places but they also do not cover the area of chronic effects, apart from for example blood dyscrasias (such as anemia), chronic bronchitis and liver atrophy.

The chemical changes at the workplace that causes an effect cannot be easily defined and in reality it's not possible to measure it in terms. This does not eradicate the need of informing the employees about the various health hazards that can occur due to the chemical exposure. Appendix B, which is also compulsory, draws out the points, principals and procedures of hazard assessment.

There have been different categories and definitions given to measure health hazards. The attempt is done to protect the employee's health and to improve the qualitative standards. To provide safety measures to ensure better and safe working conditions.

They are caused by numerous reasons such as contaminated air, polluted water, chemical inhalation, due to chemical combinated exposure etc. Each and every reason of health hazard has to be determined and properly analyzed in order to save the human life.

The exposure to the people at work or in common in dangerous and every possible step to be taken to ensure safety to people and to earth on which we live. Health hazards can be eradicated only through common but significant steps. The coordination is required by us and others to provide a better place for living.