Adventure Camping

Climb is a simple activity of reaching at some point. But here I' am not talking about steps or ladder climbing, but about learning climbing in order to climb mountains, ice etc. camping includes learning of many skills in that climbing is also included. It can be learnt easily with basic techniques application. There are also various kinds of climbing that has changed according to times.

Mountains are climbed by people who know climbing and it is known as mountaineering. Climbing of big rocks is different from mountain climbing. It is done to learn hiking also. Rope climbing has become a game of recent time. In this just body, rope is used to hike and also used in military training programs in order to train cadets. To climb the icy places is most difficult as you need extra potential to do this. Poles are climbed without using any thing except body. Net climb is also modern day's invention of climbing the nets. Parkour is also a climbing category which includes French techniques of effectively passing through difficult paths. Bouldering is an extension of rock climb in which climbing is done of small rocks without any aid so a fall will not result in any sufferings.

The things required for climbing are shoes, holds, knots and before all that training is must. This can be easily learnt in summer camps. It's because they have an in-built artificial rock climb or other climbing structure which looks same as real. They are safe as they are artificial that will not harm anyone if at all fallen. It is just like fun as learning is done with playing. Today more advanced techniques and things are used to ensure safe and exciting climb learning.

The learning process also goes through various levels. First the learner stage, then medium stage, then advances stage and finally the expertise stage. A beginner can quickly be an expert if proper training is acquired. Climbing can be a heavy task at certain places so it is better to have an expert climber with you to assist in times of difficulty. It has to be with proper caution and it's good to learn it in summer camp where more motivation is given to do your best. Learning to climb might be more thrilling at summer camps.