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Camping in the Volcano region is simply called Volcano Camping. A volcano is a hole or crack on the planet's surface, which allows the lava to come out of the surface. The lava consists of hot, melted rocks, air, gases etc. The volcanoes are formed due to extrusion of rocks that are tending to form as mountains over a period of time. They are commonly found where tectonic plates are diverging or converging. The lava usually gets accumulated for a period of time and it comes out as a blast. The active volcanoes lava can travel miles affecting the lives of many. The ash of it can cause very hazardous problems. It should be more safety if we aware of Volcano Camping Safety, Volcano Camping Tips and Volcano Camping Activities.

Volcano camp is today's trendy way to know how volcanoes are formed and their effects on human life. The volcanic ash may cause heavy disturbance to aviation sector. Volcano which erupts at or nearer to coastal lines can cause tsunami waves, which can affect people and property. There are many camp arrangers which provide good itinerary to have handy knowledge about volcanoes.

The most famous Volcano camp site is the Hawaii national park volcano camp. It has two drive-in campgrounds - Namakani Paio (located off of Highway 11), and Kulanaokuaiki (located off ofHilina Pali Road ). There is only entry fees for parks, the campgrounds are free as there is no entry fee. Camps registration is based on first come basis. No permit, no advance reservation is required.

Namakani Paio is situated at highway 11. It is at 4000 foot elevation and 31.5 miles away from Hilo . It is a large, open grassy area covered with eucalyptus and ohi'a trees. Kulanaokuaiki is located at 2700 foot elevation and just 5 miles away from Hilina Pali Road.

Kilauea is situated on the flanks of Mauna Loa is a worlds moat active volcano and camping here could be a unique experience in itself. Just a 40 minutes drive from the Hilo , Namakani Paio is there where nature's beauty is a paradise to watch. The surprising quiet of this campground is an interesting combination to Kilauea 's Pu'u 'O eruption, which is just a few miles away. It has been vanishing and creating along the big shoreline side and beneath the sea a new island is developing.

At certain times you can see the breaking of chain of crater's road due to lava's flow and view lava pouring in to the ocean. You can also experience a strong earthquake at the epicenter.

Volcano Camp is one of the risky camp. Before planning to volcano camping activities you should gather the details of environment and climatic conditions of the Volcano campsites. It is more better if you take somebody along with you who is experienced in Volcano camping activities.

Kids camping games

Stand at the VERY TOP of a VOLCANO ... bring a lunch and relax and enjoy the view ... whether by foot or by car ... here are a few spots in Washington, Oregon where the entire family can "Climb a Volcano and Picnic at the Top" !!!!!!!!!!!


Mount Bachelor

Near Bend, Oregon
Ride the Sunrise Lift to mid-mountain, walk over to the Summit Lift, and ride it to the top.

Brown Mountain

Between Medford and Klamath Falls
A scramble over fresh talus. View the south flanks of Mount McLoughlin.

Crater Lake

The 33-mile Rim Drive encirles Crater Lake, with each mile giving a different perspective of the lake, rim, and surrounding terrain.

Larch Mountain

Boring Lava shield volcano (4,056 feet), near Portland, Oregon

Lava Butte

Near Bend, Oregon
In the 1930's the USFS designated Lava Butte as a lookout point and built a spiral road to the top. A 1/4-mile trail circles the crater. This trail offers spectacular views of the Cascade Mountain Range and Deschutes Plateau. A grand vista of volcanic country.