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The crew wears this suit during launch and landing. It is called the 'pumpkin suit' because it is bright orange.


The suit's real name is the Advanced Crew Escape Suit. It holds a lot of tools. One tool is a smoke flare. It can be used as a signal if the crew gets lost when they return to Earth from space. The suit also has lights, a mirror and a radio to signal for help. The suit also has a parachute. A life raft and other tools are included in case they land in water.

on the space shuttle Astronauts wear shorts and T-shirts to exercise. Astronauts take long- and short-sleeved shirts to wear.

Out of space station The astronauts' pants have Velcro? patches. Their tools have Velcro?, too. The astronauts stick their tools to the patches on their pants. Then the tools won't float away.

space work
Astronauts special suits
Astronauts Helmet

Astronauts wear special suits when they leave the shuttle or space station to work in space. The suits protect them.

Under these special suits, the astronauts wear space underwear. It is a one-piece suit with long sleeves and legs. Small tubes run all through the suit. Water is pumped through these tubes to keep the astronauts cool.

This hat is called a Snoopy cap. Astronauts wear it under their helmets. It has a built-in headphone and microphone. Astronauts use the cap to talk to each other and Mission Control.