Paragliding Kits and Equipments

There are various paraphernalia used in paragliding, this are produced and have to pass through different testing levels in order to meet the standards. They should be manufactured with good quality so that they meet standards and ensure safety to paragliders.


Cupola is formed by joining the upper and lower parts of canopy with the vertical rib. When it starts the stopped air rushes in to the leading edges and keeps it in a condition because of the enormous pressure. The material used has a longer durability and strength is used for production. The material is generally made of polyester so it is waterproof and sewed using proper thread. It is the most important part of the equipments.

Second Parachute

For instance if the paragliding stops working then a secondary parachute is used. It consists of cupola, lines, inner and outer containers. The cupola has a peak to softening the strike and the swinging. The line passes from the base to the linking line. The concerning line then joins the parachute and then hold onto the pack and then it opens the canopy external wing. The outer containers embrace the inner one and the parachute is responsible for the appropriate opening of the canopy. In reality, the throwing container is an inner one but it has a handle that only opens the parachute.


The lines are tied together to the harness in 4 groups. There is a frontage harness and a backside harness, which girdles the pilot's left and right.


Pack is the one which connects both the pilot and the paraglider. This is designed in various ways which also manipulates the pilot's comfort and position but also the flights features. Based on the designs they stay at packed erect or leaning back at different height levels. The superior position gives steadiness, and the subordinate place makes the virage easy. A crossed pack way is that in which the trapezium twisted by the harness, the seat and the breast harness, is prolonged by additional risers. It puts a stop from an overturn to the pilot. Its drawback is in the pathetic response of the paraglider to the military exercises.


It's a tool which displays the altitude at different levels to the paraglider.


Variometer displays the rate of drop or rise in the speed levels.

Wind Meter

It is that device which displays the wind speed at higher and lower levels.


It is instrument that gives you an idea about the direction of the wind and speed too which is useful for takeoffs and landings.